I was born in 1985 in the former Soviet Union, today's City Lviv, in Ukraine. My parents immigrated to Germany, where I grew up. Later on I studied Fashion Design in London. After few years in London, I returned to Germany and changed focus, with great passion I discovered photography.

My photography projects are mostly about the people who find a way to live in difficult environmental conditions. Most of my work concentrates on daily moments, situations which life create. My personal interests in the universal and deeply human instincts, whenever people settle, and however precarious their living conditions, they turn their habitations into a home.

I reflect the lives of people without disturbing the natural flow of life with my presents. I  visited many marginalized and displaced communities around the world and was struck by the simple grace and beauty that all homes had in common, and by how people convey the optimism and resilience of their owners.

It became a personal journey and search for my personal questions of a home and affiliation.

 Photo by Dominik Fleischmann

Photo by Dominik Fleischmann


Since 2017 I work as a freelance photographer and constantly work on self-chosen topics. 

What makes my work special is my ability to be able to connect very quickly with people. 

What distinguishes me from other photographers in the field, is the fact that I’m a single Mother traveling and working together with my small child.