Alina is a Ukrainian - German photographer who deals with the difficult living conditions in which people in cities around the world live. She explores the topic of "home" and challenges our understanding of different realities in everyday city life. In doing so, she creates images that invite the observer to an unfamiliar and new world and opens doors between different people. Intuitively, she visualizes human intimacy in their most intimate space, the home, and connects everyday life with a fascinating closeness to the people she comes across.

She visited many marginalized and displaced communities around the world and is fascinated by the simple grace and beauty that all homes have in common around the world. She works on self-chosen topics, that deal with the type of domiciliation worldwide.

Since 2017 Alina works as a freelance photographer. 

“What makes my work special is my ability to be able to connect very quickly with people. “

“What distinguishes me from other photographers in the field, is the fact that I’m a single Mother traveling and working together with my small child.“

Photo by Dominik Fleischmann

Photo by Dominik Fleischmann