Third Ward

Houston, Texas USA

The Third Ward is a black historical neighborhood in Houston, Texas. The neighborhood face issues with poverty, crime, addiction and todays: Gentrification

After the Second World War, a large number of black migrants settled in the Third Ward, mostly from Louisiana, East Texas and other areas of the Deep South. The community became characterized by poverty, with many of its early citizens unable to obtain gainful employment in the era of racial segregation. The issues the community faced did not end with the racial segregation, the black population of the Third Ward are still treated as second-class citizens. 

The first signs of gentrification came in the early 2000s as drug houses were converted into high-end residences. By 2004, many wealthier African Americans and Whites began to move into the Third Ward area, today most of the north area of the previous Third ward is occupied by new buildings, developers who rediscovered the neighborhoods ringing downtown. The government has continued into support companies who build in the area with tax abatements and the gradual gentrification of the Third Ward has also benefited absentee investment landlords who can buy up cheap land.

People lose homes constantly, a home is the only thing those people own in life, most of them inherited their homes over many generations, those who reliant on support most become waste of society. The steady encroachment of polished high-rises and manicured parks into a historically underinvested destroy a beautiful tight-knit community. It is important to support these dying communities and create revitalization, not displacement.